About Louisa

Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.

A full-time postgraduate student who is forgetful and wishes to capture all her feelings and experiences in this colourful world. Although immersed in rules and logic in her course of study, she remains as a hopeless romantic searching for the romantic truth and romantic supremeness through romantic lenses. She considers freedom of spirit and mutual respect highly important. She believes in the importance of society, the passion of human race, and the beauty of hearts.

Her favourite prose is The Sea Close By written by Albert Camus. Hardships and sorrows cannot be avoided; human beings are to rise above the predicaments in order to search for happiness and make contribution to the society. One’s mission in life accompanies contribution.

She treasures personal space. She hates texting and cannot stand talking on the phone. The more she stays connected to the world the more she finds solitude precious.

She loves ramen, okonomiyaki, ice-cream, and chocolate. She is constantly struggling between her goal of stretching stomach capacity to that of a black hole and the worry of gaining too much weight. She is an all-time fervent dieter. 


20 thoughts on “About Louisa

  1. I love your blog. Just read the Serge translation. I have been living in France for just over a year and love to play a bit of Serge but never have got around to taking some time out to really look at it translated. That one made a potent read.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I envy you for staying in France haha I only got to spend a month there one summer studying French. Serge is like a treasure box – you can always dig out something new from his music. Hope to share more about French music with you in the future!

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    1. Yes I am from Hong Kong! Nice to meet you on wordpress : ) I will certainly share French music from time to time because it is my favourite genre apart from classical. I hope to learn more about different types of music from you too. Let’s keep in touch!

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    1. Glad you like it! I guess we all miss Robin Williams… and we shall forever remember him through his excellent performance in his various roles, especially as John Keating. I am not sure what’s the impact he has on the world with his words, but his words certainly shape my mindset to some extent!


  2. Thanks for the review. I had not heard of The Sea Close By. Your review caused me to order the book. Looking at your home page, you appear to be a kindred soul. Hence I subscribed to your blog. 🙂


  3. Took a read through your review of The Sea Close By. Thank you for taking us through the journey of the gorgeous prose. Camus has been incredibly influential on me, as you could probably tell from my post on Death. I am also a career musician, avid film watcher, and forever traveler. Just returned from a 5 month road trip across America. Look forward to more reviews. Keep up the good work!

    Also, since you enjoy doing reviews, I have a proposition for you. I am currently writing a book. It is a novel, a secret, and a cipher. I am looking for people to test read and give me honest feedback. Would you be open to doing so?

    I respect your insights and think you could give me some quality feedback. Let me know. Thanks!


  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love your reviews on movies and books, very detailed and insightful.
    I’ve never seen God Help The Girl, and I will check it out thanks to your review 🙂


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